Graham Middleton names his immediate neighbourhood on Chatsworth Street

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Graham names and describes his family’s neighbourhood surroundings. Deeply embedded in this social community, Graham grew up playing with the neighbour’s children and celebrating the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II.

Interviewee: Graham Middleton

Interviewee Gender: Male

Date of Interview: 14th August 2014

Interview Transcript

Graham: The door of the shop was across the corner – you know, a step – so, 38 Chatsworth Street was the shop, but the front door for us, if you like, or into the house we could have gone through the shop, but was effectively the back door. And we went in there. And I remember we had the Coronation, the Coronation street party and the food and all that outside the shop. Next door to us was a family called Maddox, the other side was Mrs Roberts, directly opposite this corner, on this side of Chatsworth Street – I don’t know what number it would’ve been, would’ve been about number 40, 39 or something like that – was a family called Roberts and they would sometimes babysit, or look after us if my mum was working. We’d go across and play with their kids. There was a man who painted. He taught me how to paint roses and their name was Archer.

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