Hazel Freeman tells of the role played by father and grandfather in building up the family business

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Hazel Freeman mentions how her grandfather took over the family business, how her father, who succeeded him, was called back to Liverpool from London (where Hazel was born) to assist him, and how, during the Second World War, he was giving his father (Hazel’s grandfather) business advice.

Interviewee: Hazel Freeman

Interviewee Gender: Female

Date of Interview: 19th February 2011

Interview Transcript

Hazel: The next rogue . . . he took it over, this was Clements, Clementsin, he took it over from his father but during the War, he was in France . . .

Jenny: Oh, right.

Hazel: . . . in the Yeomanry.

Jenny: This is the First World War?

Hazel: Yeah, well he, he lived 1890 to 1985, so there’s a lot of longevity . . .

Jenny: Right.

Hazel: . . . and it was after that my father . . . he came back from the War in 1946 . . . I was born in 47, 48 he was training to . . . in London – that’s why we were in London . . .

Jenny: Ah . . .

Hazel: . . . and then in 49, he was called back . . .

Jenny: Oh!

Hazel: . . . to help his father, and that’s why we moved back, and stayed with my grandmother in Willesden, until they moved to Upton (Jenny giggles), and that’s actually how it all started.

Jenny: Wow! So then, at that time, your father was working in Wavertree?

Hazel: Yes, with his father, they were working together, but even during the time he was in India in the War, during the War, there were a lot of letters going, Indian cotton, there’s Indian this, Indian that, do you think we should start, he was already, you know . . .

Jenny: Yeah.

Hazel: . . . looking around, and giving advice, and you see then, he would only be very early 20s, just 20.

Jenny: So, already, sort of, thinking about connections he could make . . .

Hazel: Already the connections . . .

Jenny: Yeah.

Hazel: . . . and the trade with India . . .

Jenny: Well . . .

Hazel: . . . meeting up with people, so it was all, it was very much in the blood.

Jenny: Yeah, yeah. Just shows that he must have had, like, sort of . . . (laughs) natural ability for it! (Hazel laughs)

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