Letter from William Kenyon to Mr. Russell Davies 1

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This is the first part of a letter written by William Kenyon to Russell Davies. In it he describes how he joined Edge Hill band in 1929 when Harold Yates was the bandmaster. He enjoyed being part of the band very much. He mentions his friends’ jealousy when the band used to play at Anfield on a Saturday (from 1930 onwards). He used to compete as part of a quartette and trombone trio along with his brother-in-law E. Howell and Jim Mullins, as well as competing solo. After marrying in 1935 his wife used to come along and met all the band members, he mentions specifically H Saddler, Wim Pendleton, Geo Brownbill and W Yates. In 1936 he went to mining school and in 1942 gained a Colliery Managers certificate, however during this time he could not get the time off work to play with the band.
The next page of the letter is here:http://www.edgehillstation.co.uk/resources/letter-from-william-k-to-mrdavies-2/

Letter from William Kenyon to Mr. Russell Davies 1

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