Pat Moffat praises Metal’s renovation of Edge Hill station

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Pat Moffat praises Metal for renovating Edge Hill station, remembering the dire state it was in previously

Interviewee: Pat Moffat

Interviewee Gender: Female

Interview Transcript

Jenny: Is there anything else that you want to, thinking of the station, you know, the surrounding area, anything, you know, that, you want to pass on . . . an overriding memory of the . . .

Pat: Only what Metal’s done to the station. Only . . . the station was dire, I mean, this has got a lot of history in the area . . .

Jenny: Yeah.

Pat: . . . and the station itself, without the neighbourhoods around it, and it, it was in decline . . .

Jenny: Yeah.

Pat: . . . until Metal come in. Metal’s brought the station alive, because people now look out of the train windows, it isn’t the next step up from . . .

Jenny: From Lime Street.

Pat: . . . Lime, Lime Street or the one before Lime Street, because there’s always people coming and going, and I’ve been on the train – “What’s going on there? (Jenny laughs), something’s happening there, have you seen” – I mean, the windows were the first thing that most people . . .

Jenny: Yeah.

Pat: . . . notice . . .

Jenny: People notice.

Pat: Yeah, you know, “Oh look, there, there’s, there’s lights on in the building”, so, yeah, what Metal’s done to the area and giving us an art gallery without going to town (Jenny laughs) Oh, I love that but, I absolutely love that bit.

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