Pat Moffat recalls the time when the Beatles came to Liverpool and met the Lord Mayor

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Pat Moffat, sitting in on the Maureen Hunt interview, remembers when the Beatles came to Liverpool and met Lord Mayor Caplan, presumably in 1964 (though she is uncertain of the date) for the Northern premiere of their first film, A Hard Day’s Night. The Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress set out for the town hall from Edge Hill rather than Lime Street. Pat herself delivered a bouquet of flowers to the Mayoress that day

Interviewee: Pat Moffat

Interviewee Gender: Female

Interview Transcript

Jenny: You say there was a visit from . . . for . . .

Pat: Oh, yeah, what, that happened was, it’s, it is archived, the, the Beatles were invited to the town hall and Castle Street and Dale Street . . . oh, millions of people there, but instead of the Lady, the Lord Mayor and the Lady Mayor (sic) going from Lime Street, they came from Edge Hill.

Jenny: (sounds amazed) Really?

Pat: Really, I don’t know how it come about, but she was given two bouquets of flowers. I got the first one to be taken to SFX Church . . .

Jenny: Yeah.

Pat: . . . which is off Shaw Street, because their business was in Islington, they lived in the house and they had the warehouse in Soho Street and the . . .

Jenny: The, the Mayor?

Pat: Yeah . . .

Jenny: The Mayor’s business?

Pat: . . . oh, yeah, yeah.

Jenny: And what was that?

Pat: Tobacconist . . .

Jenny: Oh, yeah.

Pat: . . . and sweet shop and he used to have a savings club, but they came from this station and me and me mum had to come up on the bus and wait to pick these flowers up, whether they’d been on somewhere else, but all the women from around the neighbourhood cleaned and threw water all over the flags because the car was at the very top (Jenny laughs), honestly.

Maureen: Mind you, we . . .

Jenny: What year was that, do you remember, roughly?

Pat: 19 . . . about . . . between 63 and 64.

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