Travelling on the Liverpool and Manchester Railway III

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Despite the shared name, this image depicts a very different scene from the two previous ones. The top half is labelled “A Train of Waggons with Goods, &c. &c.”, and shows a locomotive pulling a train with all manner of goods, including urns of milk , logs and barrels. The train is passing by a water stop, perhaps implying Parkside station. On a number of the trucks, men can be seen guarding the goods. The bottom half is labelled “A Train of Carriages with Cattle”, and depicts the Fury locomotive, a 2-2-0 engine built for the Liverpool and Manchester Railway in 1831 by Murray & Wood (not to be confused with an unsuccessful London, Midland and Scottish Railway locomotive of the same name built in 1929) emerging from a tunnel, pulling a train containing cattle and other livestock. Some of the animals are kept in enclosed cages (which appear to contain sheep), others in open trucks. In one such, two men can be seen restraining what look like calves trying to reach their mothers in the truck immediately in front. In the back truck, there is a rather un-life-like-looking horse

Travelling on the Liverpool and Manchester Railway III

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